Daniel Boone came to the Saint Charles area at the invitation of Spain in 1799. He crossed the Missouri River in North Saint Charles County and travelled to our village before heading to his Spanish land grant property 22 miles from here near Defiance. Boone’s Lick Road was established by Daniel and his sons for the purpose of transporting salt for sale in St. Louis from their salt lick near Arrow Rock, Missouri. This trail ultimately became the route along which wagon trains travelled to the Oregon and Santa Fe Trails. Newspapers from the 1840’s claim that as many as 1000 wagons a week travelled along the Boone’s Lick Road in St. Charles. Daniel Boone’s influence on Saint Charles and Early America continued through 1820, when he died near Defiance in the stone home of his son Nathan. Daniel Boone walked the streets of Saint Charles and conduct business in this village for many years. He and his wife Rebecca lived in St. Charles for several months in 1809. Their grandson, James, was attending school in St. Charles and was homesick, so they came to our village in order to be closer to James. Boone’s Colonial Inn pays tribute to those early Americans who forged the foundation upon which our country has been built.
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